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Thread: Whats Everybody's Speaker Setup

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    I'm wondering what everybodys current speaker setup is for there computers.

    I have 2 Bose Model 31 speakers hooked up as fronts, using my Regent HT-500 to give them power. and I'm using the woofer that came with my dvd player, I'm also using a Logitech Z-640 subwoofer and center speaker (in matrix mode).

    It sounds pretty good, gets pretty loud to.
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    2 cheap ass speakers in front of me and a wimpy little sub underneath me.
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    headphones :music1:

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    about four feet that the other way
    creative 5.1 speakers, sound really good, cept my rears are at the side of me so it gets a little strange when the surround sound kicks in.

    Also I am using my onboard sound and for some reason my speakers won&#39;t output as they should as in front left ain&#39;t front left etc etc. Good for games where you hear something behind you, turn round , only to find it in front of you

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    Logitech Z-5300:
    Speakers: 4 satellites & 1 subwoofer & 1 center Channel speaker
    Total RMS power: 280 watts RMS
    Satellites 180 Watts RMS (2 x 35.25W front, 2 x 35.25W rear, 39W center)
    Subwoofer: 100 Watts RMS
    Total peak power: 560 watts
    Frequency response: 35Hz - 20kHz
    Satellites: 2.5" aluminum phase plug driver
    Subwoofer: 6.5" high-excursion driver
    Speaker dimensions:
    Satellites: (H) 8" x (W) 3.75" x (D) 3.5"
    Center: (H) 5" x (W) 6.625" x (D) 3"
    Subwoofer: (H) 11.813" x (W) 11.75" x (D) 14.5"
    Signal to noise ratio: >85 db
    Input selector switch:
    2 Channel (stereo)
    4 Channel
    5.1 Channel
    SoundTouch™ remote control
    Master volume
    Sub, center & surround levels
    Matrix surround sound


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    cheap 4.1surround with 12watt subwoofer

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    Yamaha YST-MS201
    My boy&#39;s got some newer Labtec 5.1 (but only stereo sound) because after buying those I found these sound so much fucking better.
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    Logitech z-540&#39;s.

    i also have some logitech z-640&#39;s, used to use them, but i use headphones (sony MDR-G57&#39;s) more often than speakers so i let my dad have them for his computer (at the time he was using the 540&#39;s).

    when i get to teh basement im also gonna hook up a 400watt stereo behind me...i&#39;d do it now but i don&#39;t have speakers for it yet.

    edit: Forgot pics.

    Logitech Z540 (4.1):

    Logitech Z640 (5.1):

    Sony MDR-G57&#39;s (good sound
    Image Resized
    [img]' width='200' height='120' border='0' alt='click for full size view'>

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    Texas (near bigdawgfoxx)

    800 watts of pure power, and a 200watt sub on the side
    AMD Mobile 2400XP @ 2500Mhz 1.75Vcore = 2.5Ghz
    Abit NF7-S with SP-97 heatsink
    OCZ 2X256MB Pc3200 2-2-2-5
    Antec 400watt PSU
    120GB WD HDD
    MSI 9800XT
    Soundblaster Live 5.1
    Black Chieftec Matrix w/ 5BlueLED Case Fans
    800watt Sony/Bose Speaker System

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    For the don&#39;t need alot of power to get good, loud sound.

    Meh, wattage means nothing to me or anyone with gray matter between their ears.
    Wattage is used as a marketing gimmick. Don&#39;t be fooled. The true specs can easily be manipulated to sell product.

    Go to a fine audio store(not Best Buy, Ciruit City, et al) and listen to truly good audio equipment and you&#39;ll learn something new.

    I use a simple pair of JBL Pro PC speakers and they sound particularly nice.

    my .02˘

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