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Thread: Question On Streaming Audio

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    I'm a total amateur and have no idea how to do it, but theres so many great songs i like and heard on streaming radios with perfect quality, is there a way to rip it?

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    or is that just impossible

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    No it's possible.

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    explaination plz :music1:

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    alot of ppl like stationripper, but for some reason the first time it ran an ad, it killed my monitor. coincidence?
    StreamRipper32 is a windows program which uses the streamripper lib written by Jon Clegg... With it you can save off MP3 streams in their native MP3 format.

    plus with stream ripper you can edit the Agent to look like youre using winamp, with stationripper the server can tell your saving to disk plus they can block it


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