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Thread: Shrinking Dvd

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    Can someone help me please. I have a dvd with file size 4.10GB on my hard drive. I want to burn it onto one dvd-r. The thing is, its in bup, ifo, vob format and so i wouldnt have a clue how to split it. Thus i thought try and shrink it.

    I've downloaded dvd shrink and it wont work as it doesnt read from my harddrive and i dont have the actual dvd in my dvd rom. Isnt there any software that will allow me to shrink it even tho i havent got the physical copy?

    I'm a newbie at all this and have done searches but to no avail. Any suggestions?


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    just burn it in nero

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    I burn with DVD Decrypeter.... Here . I havent had any bad burns... But check out your Media...

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    but its too big isnt it? sorry, i should have made it clearer as to why i was faffin about lol...isnt 4.10gb too big to fit on a dvd 4.7gb???

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    Originally posted by jabby85@20 August 2004 - 03:27
    ...isnt 4.10gb too big to fit on a dvd 4.7gb???
    No, 4.1 is smaller than 4.7.
    4.1 = 4.10 = 4.100000000
    4.7 = 4.70 = 4.700 = 4.7000
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    duh...i currently have a bag over my head Chewie UK upon reading your post...

    thanks for everyone who have replied..i feel like a muppet now..but am very happy I'm off to try and burn it

    thanks again guys


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