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    I searhcing for a version of Daredevil, it need to be in a very good quality and each part may only be at 700Mb so it can be at a CD-R.
    Does any one share it?

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    theres a 2 cd one that over 1.2 gb in total that really good but if ya want only one cd then i dont know

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    What is the name of that copy?

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    Daredevil svcd

    thats the best copy i have seen.

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    Originally posted by Schmiggy_JK23@24 March 2003 - 15:27
    Daredevil svcd

    thats the best copy i have seen.
    Great sound but a bit dark. Definitely the best I have come across so far.

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    in general getting Daredevil from kazaa sucks. The big part, Daredevil svcd is way to dark, and the quality has nothing to do with a svcd. Almost any other file on kazaa called daredevil is a fake. God damn it i hate fakes. Why cant ppl delete or rename fake files? so the rest of us have a chance of getting what we look for?

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    Ne one now how long we will have to wait for a DVD version or has neone gt the DVD orginal yet


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