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Thread: .exe And Autorun

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    hey, just wondered, can u download a game which is a .exe then copy the contents of the folder to the cd, by adding it to .rar i heard, and it autorun if it hasnt got a batch file in ??

    thanks for reading and please respond if you know

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    i mean, when u download a game which is a .exe. once u install the game, its got a folder with all the contents in. if u add all those contents to zip or .rar which is a compression agent like .zip, can u copy that to cd, and will the cd autorun like the game, ie. start up.

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    u asked this in your other post we do answer a few questions in one post u know no need to make new ones for every question if they are related

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    Doesn´t some files installs also in the registry.


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