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Thread: Windows Xp Sp1 Firewall

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    Hi guys,

    Im getting shit download speeds on my p2p programes,im running sygate firewall ,but i think there is a built in
    firewall in xp sp1 .............this is a genuine version,new computer.Would disabling the xp firewall speed up downloads?and how do i do it? :helpsmile:
    any other tips gratefully received

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    could help.
    go into control panel, then double click network connection. double click ur net connection\lan connection and go to properties then advanced then uncheck enable firewall or whatever it says.

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    Running the SP1 firewall, I do not believe, would cause any drastic decreases in transfer speeds.

    There are just too many factors to consider for something like this. The connection method you use, the bandwidth you allotted the P2P application, the P2P application itself, the Sygate firewall, your service provider and type of service, your system itself and how it is configured and any other processes you are running while using the P2P application... take your pick and weed out the cause.

    Without knowing alittle about your system and service, it would be like "riding against the wind" in determining the cause much less guess on the cure.

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    Originally posted by Izagaia@21 August 2004 - 00:14
    Running the SP1 firewall, I do not believe, would cause any drastic decreases in transfer speeds.
    it can........ it can block the incoming traffic if not configured properly........ kinda like an unconfigured router......
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    ok im running

    microsoft xpsp1
    intel celeron cpu 2.8ghz
    447 ram
    ati radeon 9100 igp
    and i have a 750 broaddband connection

    i am getting bad speeds on abc bittorrent ,emule,kazza and winmx
    perhaps you could help now?

    regards Alex

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    Whether it effects your p2p download speeds or not, you should not have the windows firewall switched on if you have also installed and are running another firewall.

    If nothing else it's pointless and can only serve to slow down your whole system, never mind downloads.

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    What's your download speed?


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