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Thread: How Do You Install The Sims Expansions?

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    hey, i just downloaded the sims hot date, and it is in winace format. however, in order to install it, i need to burn it on a cd. after extracting everything, i burned it on a cd, but it says it is not the proper cd... do i have to d o something with cues and bins or whatever? im clueless. can ne body help me out?

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    What the file size of the file you downloaded? It kinda sounds like the rip of the game, not an cd image.

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    If it's an image file, you could just extract it using WinISO, and run setup from burning required.

    If it's a might be on your own.

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    yes, I have the serial number (which was included).. im not sure if it was an image file.. the file size was around 105 mb.. and its not an iso file or whatever... everythin works, its just the part where it asks you to put the cd in to copy some files during installation, that i dont know what im doing wrong

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    That's way too small to be a cd image. It must be a rip, which usually doesn't include the extra stuff like videos and music.

    Here's the link to all cd images of sims: Notice the big difference in size.

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    alright..thanks 4 evertyhin...

    its just that now there is hardly ne1 sharing these...

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    Well, you could try it on emule, there are more people sharing it there. Remember to use ASM and speedup when you're using KL.


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