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Thread: Service Pack 2 Guide

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    Windows XP - SP2 Guide

    What is SP2?

    Service Pack 2 is a collection of the latest windows updates for microsoft windows XP. Security updates are ciritcal for keeping your computer safe from all the new viruses and worms out there on the internet.
    But not only does it contain these updates, it adds functionality to windows.

    What new features?

    Well, the main new features would be the security center, an updates firewall, and DeP (Data Execution Prevention).
    The new security center tells the user the status of their firewll, antivirus, and computer updates. For example: If your antivirus app becomes infected by a virus which disables it in order to infect more files, the security center will alert the user.

    The new updated firewall helps keep hackers and worms from attacking your computer. While the Windows Firewall doesn't have all the fancy features that the biggies have (like sygate, zonealarm, etc.), it does have the main featured required to keep your computer secure. It alerts the user of programs accessing the net, and blocks incoming connections (unless the user forwards ports to let open).

    DEP alerts a user when an exe or other type of file is opened to save the computer from the user opening something they weren't supposed to open.

    Popup Blocker...SP2 includes an all new popupblocker for Internet Explorer. It works fine, nothing special, just gets the job done. But if you're trying to keep your computer secure, you shouldn't be using internet explorer anyway. I recomend Firefox

    What problems may you encounter?

    Most users do not run into any problems. Some problems that may arise though would be:
    • Old\unpoluar programs not working as they should (usually nothing serious)
    • Drivers not installing\working as they should
    • Windows Update not starting because of pirated keys
    Usually you can just download the latest version of a driver or program and it will work with SP2.

    Some users also have problems with P2P apps due to SP2 having a limit of a max connections to the net of 10. This can easily be fixed by using the patch. But please, if you do not need this patch, do not isntall it. With computers limited to 10 connections to the net worms like the sasser worm will take much longer to spread, letting microsoft come out with a patch before it gets to bad.

    I have a pirated (downloaded) version of XP, can i still install SP2?

    If you were able to install SP1, then you will have no problems installing SP2. Microsoft decided to let pirated copys be updated. If you do not have a SP1 key then i recomend you find the Mr. Dude Key Changer. It includes a lot of working SP1 keys, and has a built in key changer as well.

    Well, what if i don't isntall it?

    Well then i hope you have a good antivirus and firewall... Without the latest protection your computer will be upon the first targets of future worms and bugs.
    Look above at all the rest you will be missing out on as well.

    Where can I get SP2?

    You can download SP2 through automatic updates, Windows Updates, or get the network installation package from here, which allows you to keep the installer file and install to other computers, or keep\burn to cd for the next time you reinstall windows.

    If you have a slow internet connection, or just wanna cost microsoft a bit of money (lol), then you can order this free SP2 CD


    Slipstreaming your XP cd means to attach SP2 right into the XP installation CD's file, meaning that when you install windows xp SP2 will be already installed.
    What you need are:
    a working XP CD
    SP2 Network Installation file (266mb) (found here)
    Windows XP Boot File (found here)
    Nero Burning Rom (latest version) (found here

    Then for the slipstreaming process I recomend you followw This guide as I find it to be the easiest to follow of all the slipstreaming guides i've seen. Remember to follow the instructions exactly, no skipping ahead. :p


    For those fo you who do not want to do it manually, or just can't figure out how to do it, Autostreamer is for you. Just point it to your xp cd, then to the sp2 file, and autostreamer does all the rest for you.

    For more advanced people

    Disabling security center:
    There are two ways to disable the Security Center:
    1. Open up the security center. On the left side click "Change the way Security Center alerts me." Uncheck the three boxes in here. The Security Center will now never bug you again...but this isn't really "disabling it".

    2. (the real way) Click start>run> and type "services.msc". Browse down the list and find "security Center." Double click it. Now set the "startup type:" to "disabled" and click stop.

    If you have any more questions just post, or pm me.

    Thanks to peat moss for giving me the idea of writing this guide
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    MSFN has an excellent Guide about slipstreaming too.

    Personally, I've been using nLite to slipstream my CD's,
    as it has options to remove some M$ stuff too.

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