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    I keep getting this error "Problem getting response info". Did some searching on some forums and they said that doing the right click save as to the torrent link will overcome this obstacle. Well Suprnova doesn't allow that anymore if do I get around that? It's happening on every link on suprnova.

    Help! Heheheh

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    I found my own answer. IE6 has an issue saving torrents with brackets in it in the internet temporary files.

    It's usually fixed by saving the torrent by using save taget as...and saving the torrent to a different location than the temp folder.

    However, suprnova doesn't allow this, and forwards you to another page telling you unauthorized download and some tips on how to fix it all of which point to a firewall issue that wasn't the case in this instance...

    Clearing the Internet files cache and rebooting the computer fixed the problem.


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