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Thread: The Matrix Reloaded Full Length Trailer

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    Yu all may think the teaser of the superbowl trailer but i am desperatly looking for the full length one that is supposed to come out in april but now i have found out that it is already out in germany. The good thing about this trailer is that it show brand spankin new scens from the movie which i really want to see. Could som1 please check out a irc or newgroup and see if its there or if someone already has it could you PLEASE POST UP A HASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Beleive me this trailer will be worth it.

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    Try this.

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    thats the superbowl trailer and there is a full one but it was only out for one week in north america but some tv stations still play the full trailer so maybe u can catch the trailer.


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