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Thread: my Pc is taking ages to shutdown and to start up

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    it takes like 5 mins, I havnt dloaded anything for a while.

    my comp is gennerally very fast.

    can anyone help me

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    specs please......

    this is kinda like taking your car to the mechanic and saying that it doesnt work like it used to......... and then leaving...........

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    spam-king, when did this start?

    was it gradual or all at once?

    size of hd and space available...

    programs running?

    what is needed for us is a little more detail...
    paint us a picture of your system and what it has in it.
    how old is the system?etc.etc.
    then you may get some suggestions

    it is the small things that usually drive us mad

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    Read my guide (link in sig) and follow the tunup\tweaks part.

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    Sounds like Spam, Frag, Reg Errors all at once.
    post this in softwareworld.. I think it's a software error.

    something is currupt, but still continues to open during startup. Gatta Kill It.

    btw, I noticed your name being "SPAM-KING".. I hope you dont download every spam in sight or something. it's actually bad.

    orrr. your the king of spamming other people? That's also bad and you just desirved it..

    no offense though, I'm pretty sure you dont like it.

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    Do you have sound events on? Worse thing you can do, they may be corrupted. But 5 minuets ? That's nuts mine is 25 sec.s on start and instant on shutdown.


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