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    Hi to all. Although rather new to Kazaa Lite I find that it is the best P2P program I have used and the downloads work very well!
    After saying all that I am ashamed to say that I have found a wonderful forum (this is it&#33 and the movie downloads do not work. I click on a movie and after a second a screen comes up headed "signature to dat file conversion) but it does not come onto traffic in Kazaa. I am online with Kazaa and am downloading another movie! I have tried this on 5 different movies from 5 different subscribers!
    I would very much appreciate finding out what I am doing wrong!
    I am with Windows XP Prof and have over 500 mb DDR Ram and my Options are set at 8 downloads and I am only downloading 2 right now!
    Bye. Norman

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    Now live in Canada

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    Are you using the old way or new way of sig2dat quicklinks? (sig2dat or dksig)

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    Just reboot kazaa and the download will appear in your traffic list

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    Phaser,I am going to try it NOW! norman

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    Yeah, it's the old way. The new way doesn't require restart.

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    Phaser. I am not being RUDE,but you told me to reboot! It bloody well works,marvellous! Thanks. Norman

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    No prob norman i did had the same trouble when i came here the first time. I hope you didnt reboot your

    anyway i should let you know that even if you see tons of movies and game here most of the time we cant download them. prolly cause they are not really shared.

    Exemple:I wanted to look a movie tonight so i showed up on this forums around 10 pm. Its now 12:30am i have 17 movie in queue and none have found a single source yet. Of course im trying only most popular and most recent movies but still no result.

    Oh well at least i have the file lenght if im lucky ill find one of them from someone else on Kazaa.

    I love this site and this forums are wonderfull the only heck i think people put too many hash from their share folder and dont keep half of it online.

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    This tip will help you understand the basics:

    Originally posted by Tip By: Shinigami & modified by The_Great_Dude

    Tip on Kazaa Lite [K++ Edition]
    K++ System Basics:

    PL has nothing to do with speeds but priority on downloads (only on normal kazaa 2.0.2 users, any lower versions of kazaa will show a PL of 0 to them. So it's a first come, first serve at that point.)
    If you notice you have a PL of 1000 and it never drops because the cheat is automatically on, to turn it off: Go to Options, click more options..., K++ options, and uncheck the cheat.
    You can only download as fast as someone else can upload.
    You can only download if the other user has an open upload slot.

    Make sure you setted up you're firewall to allow access for Kazaa Lite [K++]
    Get rid of Ad-ware/Spyware and the like. (Programs that can do that are Adaware and Spybot)
    Make sure your system is optimized for your connection (use a program like Dr. TCP or CableNut)
    If your downloading rare files, of course its going to be slow!
    More sources usually = better speed
    Use tools that came with K++, such as AutoSearchMore, Speeedup, Kazap to find more sources.
    Try to control AutoSearchMore and let it rest awhile to avoid disconnection from KL.

    You see yourself as K-Lite Master and other K++ users do to, only 2.02 kazaa users see you as Supreme Being. This does not affect anything in anyway. You can also customize it with tools such as resource hacker.
    Verifieds does not mean it'll always start right away! It's just used to increase the chance of finding the right file.
    Try pausing and resuming the file.
    Try jumping SuperNodes or restarting Kazaa Lite.

    Speeds vary on what you download sometimes...
    GOOD LUCK! :-)
    Also try, or and test your speed there. If it matches your advertised speeds (what your ISP told you it was) then its not your fault. Also, try programs like Dr. TCP, CableNut or TCP/IP Optimizer...all found on either site.

    A hypothesis by The_Great_Dude:
    Also, I'm not sure but when the longer you have kazaa lite and not uninstall or reinstall, the speeds seem to be ok, since most of the old members here have no problems. Just a guess.
    I said this because, in the beta testing day of k++ beta 1, I saw a post saying Random Nut said speed slowed down when he switched to normal kazaa from kazaa lite for testing purposes. When he went back, his speeds went back to normal. Also if my memory serves me right, backup your network settings, or something like that.

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    Nah everything is fine on my computer, i get download speed on kazaa between 100kb/s to 500kb/s, it always depend of the source bandwith. I use the tools from kazaa to find more sources automatic and more...

    I know if they are in verified sign that mean the file exist, i use ad aware but it never run by itself, i run it myself when i need it.

    My point was only about the hash you find here are mostly never online. So must of the time i end up searching for the files on kazaa and getting some poorer quality (cam).

    (I know i have only 3 post here but im browsing this forum mostly everynight in case i find something awesome&#33


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