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Thread: Diy Curiosity Question...

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    How many here are operating on a machine they built themselves - and what are the specs?? Starting off, I've got a MSI MB, 1800 Athlon, 512 RAM, 200 Gigs, VIA 266 chipset, built about a year ago.

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    This made me think I clicked on the wrong link. Doesn't this belong in the lounge?

    Just for kicks I'll give the specs of the one I'm on tonight: pentium 166, 4gb hdd, 64 mb ram

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    I belive there already exists a topic about this: "What's under the hood?"...not sure where it is tho

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    well think this is a nice one for in Hardware world....

    btw i always build my own pc's B)

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    Originally posted by jetje@25 March 2003 - 04:14
    well think this is a nice one for in Hardware world....

    btw i always build my own pc's B)
    Well, how about you give the specs? That's what this topic is about.

    I haven't built myself a computer yet, but I helped my friend put one together last year.

    Gigabyte MOBO with integrated LAN/Firewire/USB2.0/AC97 sound/RAID+SCSI/AGP 8x/Dual Bios
    Athlon XP 2200+
    512MB DDR 266Mhz RAM
    80GB Hard Drive
    32/12/32/16 CD-RW/DVD Combo
    Radeon 7200 (He refuses to upgrade that POS)
    Boston Acoustics 4.1 300W Speakers
    Sound Blaster Live
    Dell P780 Trinitron flat screen CRT
    A whole mess loud of fans, lights, and heat sinks.

    His computer is God.

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    I never buy an OEM...its hard to tell what goes in em coz they are "super secret ultra super fabulous dell shit plans" lol

    AMD XP1600+@1832
    512mb pc3200 Corsiair XMS @ 2-2-5-2
    Epox 8k3ae
    SLK-800 HS
    Vantec Thermaflow fan for hs, 2 case ones
    chieftec dragon case
    Albatron GeForce 4 Ti4200@stock
    Old scrapped FDD
    80GB WDD HDD
    D-Link Nic
    Blue CCL
    Bus-Link CD-RW 48X (was $20 )
    Modded 2 front plates so its extra blow holes...i got some pics if u people interested w

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    LOL, glad I'm not the only one. I bought a full tower, but I wasn't happy with the air flow. It had all these little dimples on the front plate, so I took a 1/8" bit and turned them all into holes. I've got four fans (five, with the CPU fan), Nvidia GeForce, Sound Blaster Live, TDK internal CD/RW, Sony DRU500A external DVD burner. Dell created a monster when the salesgal misled me into thinking I had off-site warranty for 2&3, when it was "parts only." By the time I had replaced all the parts, I thought "Hey, this isn't so hard." BTW, Jetje, where does your nick come from.


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