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Thread: Hosting Services: UK vs US

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    Carrying on from my previous question, I have another question:

    I am based in UK. Does it matter if I sign up with a hosting provider based in USA. I think USA companies are generally cheaper than UK companies and they offer more bandwidth.

    What is the best hosting provider for or JSP technologies.
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    Not easy to answer your question if answer it yourself!

    What exactly do you want?

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    one thing you should consider is who will comprise the majority of your user-base.
    If you expect it mainly to be UK users, then having your hosting stateside may be somewhat slower for them as opposed to a UK host, which could likely be only miles away.

    Also, support may become an issue.
    Though most hosting support is usually done online anyway, if you were to ever need to contact them, then it would certainly be easier to do so locally.
    However, if the host you use has decent support, that shouldn't ever be a problem.

    if nothing else, you can usually pay for most hosting packages on a monthly basis.
    Try a US hosting company for a month, and if you don't like it, or have issues with it, or just want to compare, then you can switch to a UK host.
    It's as simple as changing your DNS entries for your domain.

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    Many of the decent UK webhosts servers aren't located IN the UK.


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