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Thread: PM Box Saved Forever At 200 Plus

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    I thought it really strange as I went to do something in my PM box and found almost 200 messages floating around, every message I ever sent and received, I didnt know that all these messages were kept on a database even after theyde been deleted and find it rather strange that they are.

    Well Ive cleaned it all out now but am still wondering why all that is still in a database or how as when the switch to VB was made they all became visible again, any explanations...

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    I just assumed it was all in a recycle bin or something like that, an archive of all messages.

    Couldn't send or receive any until i deleted them though.

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    Guess it wasnt just me then...

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    lol I went to check and see if I had this problem, then I remembered....I'm new!

    There is a crack in everything.
    That's how the light gets in.

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    Yes, I had the same thing - over 300 messages from various dates. Weird that it would only save some and not all - probably a good thing in my case, when I was modding there were days when I would send/receive over 100 messages.

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    IPB must not have actually deleted the stuff.... VB3 DOES delete a message when you hit delete.

    and YES I can read anybodies PMs by simply browsing the DB.... Haven't been bored enough to do that yet though.

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    Yehaaaaaaaa get a cup of coffee and go at it.

    Oh and I think we already kew that you snOOp you...


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