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Thread: ADSL/Wireless woes

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    Hey guys, (1st post)

    ok, right now I am on Dial up interntet access on a 56k modem but I am going to get broadband and am left with decision: either wireless or ADSL (not cable because it is inaccessable in my area). But I have two computers in my household, both of which are used and I want to know how I would go about being able to go on the internet at the same time with ADSL and wireless. Is it even possible? What would I need to do and what types of costs would it incur?

    Help would be very much appreciated.

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    You need a router and network cards in each computer. the adsl\wireless modem must be ehternet.

    hookup is simple. plug modem into wan on router, plug computers in lan. You can also get wireless network in which case you put a wireless network card in each computer and buy a wireless router.

    i'd get adsl because it's faster than wireless internet right?

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    yeah I think your right + wireless internet costs more for the modem


    oh and by the way, are Lan routers and network cards very expensive? With the network card is that something that you can just plug into a USB port or will I need to get the guy who built my computer to put it in? and would I need to like run cables and shit up through the walls and the roof if I got a router?

    thanks again

    oh and whats ethernet? is that a type of modem?
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    im getting a wireless router soon i hope that it doesnt low down my 380k dsl down enough to lag on xbox live (thinking of getting the xbox wireless kit)

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    what you can do is get ADSL then hook the modem direcly to a Wireless router, then get a wireless LAN card for your computer,

    50 dollers wireless router
    20 dollers (or less) wirreless LAN card

    for your wireless LAN card you gotta open up your computer case and stick it into a open PCI slot

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    I doubt I would even bother,this secondary computer is a hunk of junk, It undoubtedly wouldn't be worththe amount it would cost to set all that up.

    I think a cheaper option would be to just perhaps get a few hours of pre-paid dial up and install that on the shit computer so if 2 people need to use the computer one can use the shit one with dial up.

    Is it possible to run a dial up internet connection aswell as an ADSL connection on the same phoneling and different computers??
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    You can certainly run a dial-up connection over a line running ADSL, though some people claim you get a poorer connection speed. But I'm surprised no-one has asked the obvious question - how far apart are the two computers?

    If they are fairly close and your main pc is always going to be active you can link the two together using a pair of network cards and a cross-over cable for about $20, and simply use Internet Connection Sharing. That assumes you haven't already got any spare network ports. If you have, you can knock off about $8 for each pc with a spare port.

    If you are going to need access when the main pc is not active then you would need a router, but wired connections aren't as expensive as wireless. In that situation you could probably do the whole thing for under $40 (on top of your ADSL setup costs which you will incur anyway).

    Here's an example of a suitable router for a wired connection.
    Here's a network card.
    Here's a crossover cable for ICS connection.
    And here's a straight network cable for connection via a router.

    The cables are only examples, you can get longer or shorter ones depending on your requirements.

    Even if you decide to go for the ICS connection (or even for your dial up solution) I would still recommend that you get an ADSL modem with an ethernet connection rather than USB. The cost is about the same but you have the option to upgrade to a router connection at a later date.
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    creating a network between 2 pc's to use same internte connection is easy but the main and kick in ass part is where u must configure your router and all port forworing bullshits, 99% out of 100 users have these problems with sharning apps, yesterday 1 of my friend had problem with video conferance in msn, he had to set some ports to be able to use video conferance on msn. now look a simple program like msn has to be configure if your using a router what will be like when configuring bittorent.
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    I think I will just get a few of those pre-paid dial up packs for the 2nd computer. I don't think it's worth setting up a router because the PCs are rooms apart and Its a piece of crap so its not realy worth spending when I doubt the computer is worth that much anyways, its just that sometimes kids whinge and fight over which one uses the computer.

    But thanks for going to the trouble


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