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Thread: problems with azureus..and school...and stuff..

  1. #1 i just got to college...and they forced everyone to install the dreaded SP2...(I've read a few other posts on problems with that and i came to the conclusion that i should just disable it as much as possible)...anyways, ever since i've been here my Azureus isn't not sure why exactly, cause i disabled the firewall...and opened up some using port 7884. what happens is that my health guy turns green...and i connect to like 30 peers...but my download speed stays at 0 kb' that kinda sucks for me...should i try a different port...or just hang myself?...or something different?...

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    You should uninstall sp2. I would have never put it on.
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    if you are downing from TB, then you need to set your port between 49152-65535. This sounds to me to be your problem.
    *edit* I dont find any problem with SP2. sure, the firewall is a pain in the ass, but i dont use it, other than that...........I dont see a problem


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