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Thread: The Death Of Nu-metal

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    as i saw on MTV2, sales for link park's new album Meteora have been disappointing to say the least. This prompted the station to announce the death of nu-metal to be appon us. This can only be a good thing, in my opinion, as bands that i myself class as nu-metal (LP, Limp Bizkit, Papa Roach, Slipknot etc.) were overproduced, overhyped pieces of shit. This leaves me with several questions, however: If Nu-Metal is dead, when was it born? Who were the first Nu-Metal bands? Did they know what they were creating? And what new alternative craze will replace it? Suggestions and discussion please.

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    I don't really know if there is a point where it was "born" I guess itjust sort of happened.
    I would say the latest wave MIGHT have begun around the time that korn's got the life started to blow up.

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    faith no more pretty much started it all

    i'm a huge fan of nu-metal. before u start flaming me let me tell u that i used to be a die hard black and death metal head for years. i even played in a couple of death metal bands. but then, i just grew up i guess. tunnel vision is for ignorant people. now, bands like Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit, i could never get into. but stuff like deftones, system, mudvayne, and many slightly unknown bands are the shit! i remember when Emperor released In the Nightside Eclipse almost ten years ago, i thought if anything didn't sound like that it was shit.

    lastly, hating a form of music doesn't make you or your fav music better. all music forms support and benefit each other. metalheads have such a bad rep because they act like assholes and dickheads and offer nothing to the scene but derogatory comments.

    now go download Arcturus - The Sham Mirrors!

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    i just decided that nu metal isn't dead so bad luck for you!
    also nu metal started back then when Run DMC and Aerosmith released "King of Rock"
    that's the roots. it's a great song... i think punk would be the next craze, but i hate people that follow trends anyways. also fuck techno cuz it isn't music!

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    thank god nu metal is fading out.
    can't stand guys in dreads wearing fuckin tracksuits!
    i'll hold my hands up and admit i was into shit like korn and slipknot, but i guess i took a wrong turn trying to find heavy music. i even met slipknot at an in-store signing....
    then i got back on track with bands like Ministry and the industrial (most styles) scene.
    fuck that rap rock shit. i've got mature sounds to listen to.
    nick cave anyone?

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    Korn has been the leader of nu metal for years, but the groups like papa roach and P.O.D. (u know, the guys in women's dress..) shoudn't exist, shit is just what they r..

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    I'm with Icebound - Faith No More were definite innovators

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    Yep new metal is crap Maybe only early faith no more when Mike had the croaning voice happening

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    Originally posted by carbert@25 March 2003 - 11:34
    as i saw on MTV2, sales for link park's new album Meteora have been disappointing to say the least. This prompted the station to announce the death of nu-metal to be appon us.
    Its only been on sale for 7 days. How dissapointed could they be?

    Nu-metal? Is that a word? Its friggin' music, enjoy it for what it is. MTV is marketed to 8th graders, I really don't value their opinion too much. Why don't you find something more substantial for your facts?

    Check out this link to's site, which lists Linkin Park as #2, for both weeks since the debut of the CD single.

    Edit: whoops! I forgot the link.
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    omfg don't start with me carbert....
    nu metal might not be the best, some bands SHOULDN'T be called Nu Metal......
    first off, Limp Dickless is NOT nu metal, i don't know what u wanna call it, but it is NOT nu metal.....
    second, LP kicks.....i must admit that i WAS disappointed in their new album, very short compared to Hybrid Theory.....but STILL, there are alot of cool tracks on there.....
    thridly, fuck all u wannabes that try not to listen to the "trendy" shit, that's a fucking trend in itself!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and btw, I think ur confusing Nu Metal people and Industrial Hardcore people..... they're the assholes, trust me, I was in 2 bands with a bunch of Hardcore Metal people....

    matter of fact, here's a few bands I listen to...
    Good Charlotte
    Army of Freshmen (local band)
    Shuttlebus (another local band)
    Staind (yes, their first album, unreleased in the States.....Tormented)

    I could list tons of other "preppy" metal bands.....
    NOW tell me that I'm NOT a Metalhead....
    and believe it or not, i DO listen to other music, im not just focused on my music alone and ignorant to everything else around me!!!!
    no, i'm not some preppy fucker who listens to Linkin Park and thinks he's Chester......
    there's plenty of great bands from ALL GENRES, so go out and find some!!!!!!!!

    and guess what?? I ACTUALLY LISTEN TO RAP!!!!!! A METALHEAD, LISTENING TO RAP????? WTF???????

    yea u heard me right, and don't you dare tell me about some rock/rap shit......

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