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Thread: How do i get an Image File in Google Image Search?

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    I just made my first website and am struggling to understand everything.

    Lets say i have an image on my website - for example - - the image is called ZXY.gif

    how do i get google to see ZXY.gif and list it as number one?

    (yes i have read alot about registring your site, and different search engine tweaks - i am extremly new to this world)

    if this is the page......(white page with one image)

    <title>No title</title>
    <meta name="generator" content="Namo WebEditor v5.0(Trial)">

    <body bgcolor="white" text="black" link="#CC9900" vlink="purple" alink="#CC9900">
    <p><img src="ZXY.gif " width="21" height="400" border="0"></p>

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    I didnt think those codes actually worked for google.....i always thought you had to register and pay for your site to be #1.

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    Google's spiders crawl about every 2 weeks. Not sure how often the image spider goes around.
    Like web results, the images are ranked by the match of the name relevance to the search criteria, and how many links/pages point to that specific image.

    here's some useful information for you.

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    i know there are several ways to high up in the Google list for normal websites
    see this thread -

    i just thought there was someother special thing just for the images

    Thanx for link - its Exactly what i need - cheers

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    Submit your sites to search engines. Getting your site linked with high ranking sites, gives you more chance

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    Have a look at this site and the Site Promotion section is what you want, also Meta Tags are important.


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