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Thread: Did Someone Watch Matrix Reload

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    Did someone watch Matrix Reload full movie(I am seriues)? Many people say that they watched it...Many people say that Matrix is on KAAza and they downloding Matrix - they don't know that isint matrix? I am scherching this movie...... Do you know when Matrix will be in the internet??

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    If its not on there ... its not out

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    I don't think it even is in the cinemas yet.

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    Everyone says everything. Thats how rumors start. Sure there is a chance someone that told u that really did see it, but I guarantee you that alll of the copies on kazaa right now as we speak are fake and will stay like that untill probably 7-2 days before the film is released worldwide in theaters..

    and yes if its not on vcdquality then it doesnt exist

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    Originally posted by Paul@25 March 2003 - 21:26
    I don't think it even is in the cinemas yet.
    It isnt , if anyone says that they have it then they are lying.... warner bros would never let it slip out this early , if someone says they are downloadin it from kazaa it will be a fake

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    me heard my uncle have the vcd and is too dark to know what they are doing : ) so i didn;t get it from him .

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    Originally posted by frosty@25 March 2003 - 21:06
    If its not on there ... its not out

    ok thank you? I haven't seen this peage yet... Are there showed all moves that are release on internet?

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