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Thread: Email Program That Can Send 1 At A Time

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    Im looking for an email program that can send 1 email at a time form a txt or csv file. I currently import the list to Outlook and send it all at once but it seems some dont get it as it is filtered as bulk by many since its being sent that way, only way I think I can avoid it being filtered is by sending them individually...

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    I'm not aware of this feature in any email apps, but one workaround you could do in Outlook is to create a Contact Group, or..say, A-H, I-P, Q-Z
    and send the emails to those groups seperately.

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    The problem with that is it will still be seen as the same bulk mail and still get filtered. I am near postive that there is an application that can do this as many companies that send bulk emails arent filtered as such when recieved. The only other thing I can think of is creating some sort of macro so perhaps someone can suggest a decent marcro application since the last time I used one it was built into Win 3.11 ffs...

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    Setup a newsletter subscribe list and send it that way.

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    I think a subscribe list would still be considered a bulk email.

    Can't think of a third party program that would do this off the top of my head. You could always try a program like this which can send mail from the command line and then create a DOS batch file to call it repeatedly for as many addresses as you like. You could use the text of your email as an argument to this batch file.

    It's a cheap, nasty solution and I feel ashamed even suggesting it, but it'd work!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Emdee
    I think a subscribe list would still be considered a bulk email.
    Not really, some companies use this method to make money. You are only allowed to send 5 e-mails a week.

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    Well Ive done something very similar where I opened multiple windows and run a macro that was windows based. In this case I would open the text file and the email app and just tell it to run one ata time. I think that may work, any suggestions for which app though...

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    Still looking for a Macro app that can work with windows, preferabley freeware or even an app that can send 1 email at a time would be even better...

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    i dunno if you like the idea - its a bit different, but should do what you want!

    K, youll need a website with php access (or set it up on your own pc)

    Create a folder "email" - upload the text file with all the email addresses on seperate lines: (Ive called it list.txt)
    then upload this file to "email.php", with the relevant bits changed:
     $MailSubject = ""; // the subject of the message you will send
     $Message = ""; //enter message here
     $from = ""; //your email address here
     $email = file('list.txt');
     foreach($email as $to){
     mail( $to, $MailSubject, $Message, "Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii; format=flowed\r\nFrom: ".$from."\r\nBCc: ");
    It will go through each of the items in the list in turn and send emails to everyone whose on their own line.
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