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Thread: Kazaa Lite & Video Lan

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    Is there any way I can change the default preview video player from AVI preview to Video Lan? I'm currently using Kazaa Lite K++ 2.4.3 on Windows XP Pro with SP2.

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    You dont have to change default at all you can use both and in fact any player you want that support Dats for instance Crystal palyer. In K-Lite just go into Options>KL Extended Options(or something similar) then here select Tools meny and here click the Add button. Now type any title you want for instance VLC then click the 3 dotted button next to the Command Line option and browse to VLC and select it then make sure that the checkbox that says something like "Add To Preview With" Submenu/contextual menu is selected and then clik the save button and your done and just click the Execute button(not exactly sure what it is called in english) and your done. Now when you are downlaoding something and wants to preview it just right click it in the download area and select Preview With and select VLC and VLC will preview it for you!.

    You can add almost any tool this way that was one of the great things about Kazaa Lite that I miss in other P2P apps!.

    Sincerely Joakim Agren!


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