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    For some strange reason ... WHen I try to connect to either Counter-Strike(STEAM) or Warcraft III, it won't allow me to connect... What happens? When I double click Steam... The "Update" screen appears but it doens't update and I waited about an hour to be sure... So I am positive it isn't lag or anything... Than for Warcraft III I click to connect to Battlenet... and it just tries to connect for like about an hour also... Yet none of the two connect... And just yesterday it was working fine... Also I didn't do anything that might have changed the connection or what not... And I don't want to format my computer just to allow myself to play the games... So I was hoping if anyone happened to know how to fix this problem... Oh yeah, I run Cable and everything else that connects to the internet works just fine (Internet Explorer, AIM, Shareaza, etc.) Just that my games don't work... And the strangest thing... A few months ago my problem was vice versa... My games worked, but all other Internet Related programs didn't... But to fix that I wasn't sure what I did... But yeah I dont' have that, what I have now is just that my Games won't connect online, but other internet programs do...

    So any help would be greatly appreciated... Also if you need further information please ask, I would liek to inform you with as much information possible to further my chances of resolving this problem.
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    are you behind router or firewall?

    thats all i can think of

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    does sound like a firewall problem, I don't need know about how the windows own works but I had a problem gaming with zone alarm, the problem was that ZA pops up boxes so that I have to give permission to access the internet but I could'nt see the boxes because the game was in full screen mode and after I got sick and closed the game the box had dissapeared because it no longer wanted access, I only found out by pressing alt+tab or the windows button to grant access, BTW online gaming needs both access to internet and to act as a server, later on when I was playing this would happen again which I found again ZA has something I think was called mp5 signature where it takes a snapshot of the program u give permission to, if this is changed in anyway you need to grant permission again, I suppose to stop hackers adding stuff to your genuine programs and them accessing that way, so you might find that you need to do it again after updating the game.

    This may or may not b of some use to u depending on wether you have a firewall.

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    Check forums , other people experienced same problem w/ loggin on wc3..


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