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Thread: heatsink for Athlon 2500+ Mobile?

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    ok im going to either buy a regular 2500 or a moble 2500 tonight from newegg.
    if i get the regular one it comes with a heat sink and saves me some cash, if
    i get the 2500 Moble i gotta buy a heatsink and i have no clue what to look for
    in a heatsink and prices for them, can someone suggest some good brands
    prices ect.

    thanks in advanced

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    is this a good hs? its pretty cheap, but i want this thing cool too

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    bigdawgfoxx's Avatar Big Dawg
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    If you dont plan on overclocking, or just going to 3200XP speeds, I would just get the Retail 2500 non mobile.
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    This is recomended by AMD for up to 3200+

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigdawgfoxx
    If you dont plan on overclocking, or just going to 3200XP speeds, I would just get the Retail 2500 non mobile.
    *results may vary
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    just bought the regular 2500, if it gets too hot after OCing to 3200 i will get a better heatsink and some artic silver

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    Can't find the link at the moment, but I saw a comparison of quite a few HSFs and this one was only beaten by a water-cooled setup. It left all the others trailing in it's wake.

    I can't give it a personal recommendation at the moment, but I'm going to replace my water cool system with one of these as soon as I get paid for my last contract.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jaigandhi5
    Thermalright SP-97
    Match it with a variable speed fan such as the Thermalright Smartfan II and you'd be set, turn it up when you want performance, turn it down when you want silence....
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    yeah but can you find Thermalright SP-97? everywhere i go its sold out.

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