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Thread: [ABC] Misreporting upload speed

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    My connection is 1024/256 yet recently ABC has been reporting my upload as 40+KBps. My first thought was that my ISP had increased my upload capabilities. They haven't.

    If you look at the speeds displayed in the ABC screen-cap below you'll notice that they do not add up to the 45.8KBps displayed on the upload indicator (circled).

    Has anyone else experienced this, or could tell me how to fix it. It's more irritating than anything else because as far as I'm aware it's not affecting my true upload speed but I'd still like to fix it

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    lol manker, ur first and only BT thread. Out of 33,000 posts+ , you would think there would be more.

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    posting so I can come back and see if anybody answers this... cause goddamn... I'm stumped.

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    didn't know they still upgraded abc, but from what i've seen most clients total speeds are usually a little off, don't know if there's other problems though

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    Disable DHT?


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