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Thread: What Do I Do With This Please

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    i am downloading max payne my own is knackered, anyway it says

    "winace self extractor"

    what do i do with this does it have to go on a disk how do i extract thanx for any help for a noob

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    You don't need to burn it onto a CD. That's a Winace compressed archive. It should be an .exe file that when you double-click it, it will prompt you to choose a location to where the files should be decompressed.

    After all files are decompressed, check for an .nfo file and open it with Notepad. This file usually explains you how to fully install and run the game.
    If there isn't an .nfo file, then the game should already be set to run.

    Check the compressed .exe file for virus first, just to be safe.

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    thanx mate much apprecited just what i needed to know


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