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Thread: How To Find Hq Mp3's In Kazaa

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    For those of you who have been infected by the "High Quality Mp3 Files Virus" due to Paul's topic, here is a tip to locate these files in Kazaa.

    Most of these mp3's have "MP3 Help -" in the comment of the IDtag.

    When you search for audio and "" lots of these HQ Mp3's show up.

    Kazaa reports these files as 128 kbps (somehow it cannot handle VBR mp3's) so don't get fooled by this kazaa bug.

    Enjoy the quality

    BTW is it a good idea to make kazaa playlists of these rips and add something to the description like HQ Myden MP3? Can make it easier to download the full albums i guess.

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    sweet tip, dude. THANKS.

    just tried it -- not many good artists and number of mp3z.


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    I know that the number of these HQ files needs to be improved.

    We can do this if we team up.

    Share youre HQ rips at the supernode as mentioned in my sig and the numbers will grow. Simple as that


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