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    I have installed and done what the .nfo has told me but i don't understand how I add -steam -console -game cstrike to the shortcut. Can someone help me out?

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    create a shortcut of the exe to your desktop. right click it and go to properties. then change the targer to something like "D:\counter strike\hl2.exe" -steam -console -game cstrike (that's what mine is.

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    Counter Strike: Source Installation

    This is how you do it from the beginning.

    1. Extract RARs to a folder. Location doesnt matter.
    2. Go into the Crack folder of the folder you just extracted to and copy all the files in there to the main folder.
    3. Get Steam from . Register an account. You dont need steam to be running. You can also tell it not to run when Windows starts.
    4. Get "Counter-Strike_Source_ONLINEPLAY-EMPORiO" and copy all the files in the Files folder to the main folder you first made.
    5. Open "SteamApp.cgf" that you just copied to the main folder with notepad. Scroll down to the bottom. Put in your username and pass in the areas specified. Go to your main folder you made and copy the location in the address bar. Paste that to where it says location in the "SteamApp.cgf" file. Save and close it.
    6. Right-click the "hl2" file and tell it to make a shortcut. Go to properties of the shortcut you made and paste " -steam -console -game cstrike" to the end of the target location (after the quotes). Make sure there is one space between the "" and -steam.
    7. Put that on your desktop for easy access and you can now play on all servers.

    I have done this on 3 pcs and all of them work.
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    Its not allowed 2 discuss 'how to crack a game' so I close this topic.


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