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Thread: ATI Vouchers

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    hey, im sure lots of you have ATi vouchers, whats the word on getting HL2 w/ them? I know you can punch in the CDkey in steam right now and d/l CSS and HL2 whenever you want. But what if i want the box version, is it possible for me to go to a store like Best Buy and show them the voucher for HL2 when it comes out?

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    wait with the voucher can you choose which one you want? (Bronze, silver or gold)

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    yes, if you choose silver or gold you pay the difference, the ATI voucher is worth the 50$ for the bronze package

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    it says on the voucher what you can do. but you cant go to a store. You got to mail in the voucher, and they will send you a copy...

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    ah, ic, thx


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