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Thread: No Registry Keys?

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    Out of the "blue," when I went to sign on today, I got a window titled "KLRun" saying "Can't Find KazaaLite Registry Keys"

    Anyone know a good locksmith????? (I'd settle for some advice......)

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    Unless someone else has an easier "fix," I figured that might be what it takes. As there are SO many variations on KL right now (resurrection, etc.) how about some advice and a download site on your recommendations? Running XP with SP2 installed (no problem WAS running KL just fine) Zone Alarm and Anti-Vir in place. I don't use MSN's firewall. I'm guessing 2.4 something...that's what I had. (2.6 build not compatible with SP2?) Uninstall everything first or install over...? Thanks, troops.



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