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    Anyone out there know whats the best ftp software out there. Also anyone know any links out there where it would show me the best way on setting it up. I want to use it to download software.

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    WS FTP - For connecting to FTP servers and downloading files.
    BulletProof FTP - For making your own FTP server.

    Those are the best in my opinion.

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    Smartftp for getting files from oher servers get it from, i find its easier than cute and wsftp.

    And bulletproof Ftp server if you want tour own server.

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    If you choose BulletProof FTP Server,then here´s a guide which helps you set it up but if you have XP,then turn off the XP firewall.
    BulletProof FTP Server v2.15 guide

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    I prefer Ipswitch WS_FTP Pro 7.6.1.

    It features simplicity of use but I have to admit it can get frustrating when you are receiving annoying FTP messages repetivily from a program that lacks a GUI.

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    Thanks for all your advice. I have installed Bullet Ftp. I was a snap.


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