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    Anyone listen to Lil Flip? The freestyle king from Houston has some TIGHT freestyles on kazaa. This boy has 2 cds out for major labels and a shitload of flows easily available for you. If you're into freestyling or just rap definetly check him out.

    Some Recommendations: Search for "Look At Me Now (We Platinum)" for the album...the entire album is full of him freestyling over other peoples beats such as Eminem's, Nas, Nelly, 50 Cent, Ice Cube. All In My Grill Freestyle, When We Ball, Dirty South Thang, Ugly Freestyle, Bizounce Freestyle, Freestyle (Dedicated to DJ Screw), Break Ya Neck Freestyle, Oochie Wally Freestyle...shit just search for this fool!

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    i'll buy an "o" please


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