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Thread: Any Musicproducers around?

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    Im looking for sample cds, you know, the ones you should pay for
    Ive tried eDonkey, but there are a lot of fakes on that one
    Anybody know what i could use for sample cds?

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    D Flo
    Hello! Music producer in the house. What up doe to all my producers who do it "For The Love Of The Game". (And The Money) looking to collaborate with those who are SERIOUS and want to do more than just make music for the hood. I want to make it for the WORLD! PEACE Holla At Ya Boy......
    Reach me at 313-283-1770 24/7 you can leave a message
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    your lame ... got get shot

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    Excuse me, my post didn't make sense.

    I meant, there are so many free sample downloading sites. Why not just check them for samples?
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