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Thread: Zonealarm Settings For Bittorent

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    I recently had to install zonealarm pro (4.5) and I'm stuck on how to open the ports for bittorent.

    I'm using Shadow's Bittorando (lastest version) and I want to use ports 6444-6665.

    I've click on the Firewall Tab, Gone to custom in INternet Zone Security and listed those ports under "Allow Incoming TCP Ports"

    I've also tried going to Program Control Tab - Programs - Options under BTdownloadgui.exe and tried to enter expert rules.. but to no avail..

    Could somone please post their settings?

    Screenshots would probably work the best.

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    I use Zone Alarm Pro 4.5 and have never had to change any settings for bittorrent to work.

    I use Bittornado and when clicking on a torrent, ZA asks for permission and I allow it...

    So I guess I don't understand your problem.


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