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Thread: Help With Coreldraw 11 Suite

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    I have downloaded the CorelDraw 11 GraphisSuite, about 700MB, but can't seem to open the file.

    It is one large EXE file which is supposed to contain 3 ISOs of the CDs.

    If I try and run the EXE then I get a message saying that the program is too big to fit into memory. I can't believe this as my workstation has 2GB of RAM!!!

    I have also tried changing the EXE extension to an ISO extension, but Nero then reports problems with the file.

    Can anyone explain what I need to do with this type of file please? Or is it just corrupted, and needs downloading again?


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    try renaming it to zip or rar files
    If it really contains all three isos the it may be compressed in one of these formats

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    Thanks for that suggestion.

    I have tried this and it is still no good. Both Winzip and WinRar say that the file is either not in their format or damaged.

    Any more ideas please?

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    yea i mean 3 iso's of corel draw 11 in 700mb. Some reason i don't think so, you are looking more at at least 1.2gb. try the above. And one last thing corel draw is at least 6 disk i think.

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    ermm.. I downloaded Corel Draw 11 Graphics Suite.. and it was one cd!

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    hhhmmmmmmm.......i also downloaded it. Is was an iso file with no errors and whipped it on to a cd with nero(using the burn image option). Auto runs, installs and runs with no problem used all the features with no requests for extra cds. try getting a differant one with the iso extension.

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    There are two files out there. One has the 1st disk and works fine. The second is a 700 meg exe file that does nothing as far as i can tell.

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    Originally posted by spudlover@26 March 2003 - 20:59
    ermm.. I downloaded Corel Draw 11 Graphics Suite.. and it was one cd!
    yea same here. but the other cd's are like add-ons and plugins, etc

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    I downloaded this file:

    File:CorelDraw 11 ISO.exe
    Length:222953472 Bytes,217728KB

    I opened it with Winrar.

    Inside the compressed file I found:
    coreldraw11.ISO --- 425,443,328 bytes (Complete working ISO)
    Serial Number.txt -- 19 bytes
    and one folder with .nfo files called 'Credits'

    Only one CD is needed for CorelDraw 11.

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    Hi, I find the problem.... this a sweden porn movie.... change the extension to avi. I look this after hours and several cdr lost.

    Relax now


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