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Thread: dvd-r prices for uk

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    Hi. I was just wondering where all the uk based users get there dvd-r's from as I need some more and want the best deal,

    Last time (which was also my first) I think I spent about 50-60 pounds on 100 ritek discs plus cases, is that a good deal or is there better out there?

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    This is where I have been getting mine from
    The prices exclude VAT and P&P (these are added at the checkout)

    If anybody knows any better UK deals then I would also be grateful for info.

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    Maplin do Verbatin 4spin (work at 8) dvd+rs: 25 for 15..nice and cheap for a great make, and convenience of shop/inet buying
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    soem excellent deals (cases aswell) and next day delivery - almost arrived on time and ive been yusing them for years
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    50 for 12 and thhey work in XBOX.

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    Cheers people. Any chance of a link peerzyboy?

    Just wondering they vary in price quite alot are there any that I should keep away from?

    Ive found Ritek (they were the ones I got last time), Mirror, Bulkpaq orange and green, Datasafe and Datasafe yellow, Traxdata, Datawrite red & yellow and one, Princo and finally Verbatim.

    With there being such a large price difference there must be big differences with the discs, right?

    Also some sites are doing deals where you get X amount of 'various discs', I dont like the sound of that am I right in thinking that.

    I mostly burn my movies but am going to start doing a few PS2 games as aswell are some discs better than others for that?

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    SVP have always done me proud.

    I particularly like the Datasafe 4x with Ritek G04 dye.
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    I'm gonna go for svp.

    For 34.20 I get 100 datawrite premium dvd-r's, 100 dvd cases and 50 datawrite cd-r's. That includes all postage and vat.

    Seems a bargin, at that price you dont mind a few coasters.

    I'm going to leave my order on hold till this evening just incase someone comes on saying, nooooooooooooo dont do it!!!!!! for any reason.

    Thanks for all the help/advise.


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