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Thread: R.Kelly & Jay-Z-Unfinished Business

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    Here is the hot new cd by R.Kelly & Jay-Z not due til the 26th of this month.

    1. Return, The
    2. Big Chips
    3. We Got Em Goin'
    4. She's Coming Home With Me
    5. Feelin' You In Stereo
    6. Stop
    7. Mo' Money
    8. Pretty Girls
    9. Break Up (That's All We Do)
    10. Don't Let Me Die
    11. Return, The - (remix

    P.S. This Setup suxs I like the old one.
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    no hash?

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    P.S. This Setup suxs I like the old one.
    i agree with you and also i think this board has lost its touch, its not the same anymore


    nice postt!!!!

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    Thank you for posting the image and the track listing....but to qualify as a Verified Hash you should have a p2p link of some sort (sig2dat, magnet, ed2k, etc) for users to queue the download.

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