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Thread: K-Like Codec Pack and OGM default setting

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    I finally found out how to fix my problem playing OGM files with multiple streams under BSPlayer.

    I had to go into the properties (of OGM) to disable the setting that's called something like "Enable all streams during playback."

    Why is this the default? Each time I reinstall the K-lite codec packs (like when I upgrade) it gets enabled again.

    Anyway, I just wanted to bring it up because I think lots of others had this problem. I now know how to manually change the setting so that's what I'll keep doing if there is a good reason to have that default the way it is currently.

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    The reason for this is that some players doesn't show subtitles without a lot of hazzle otherwise. I personally hardly use BSplayer or MPC (I prefer zoomplayer).

    However, I don't have any problem with playing OGMs with BSplayer with all streams enabled, but then I always disable BSplayers built-in subs (they suck and can't do half of what vobsub can)

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    It will be fixed in future versions.


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