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Thread: A lot of beginnings, but no end

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    Hey guys,

    most of the audio files I download with KL come with the following problem: They consist of beginnings only. When I get an 8-minute mp3, it's actually eight minutes long, but eight minutes of the same, i.e. the first, say, 20-30 seconds over and over again.

    Is it right to assume that this is a client-side problem? And if so, how do I fix it? I tried limiting the number of download sources to 1 (hoping that if you download all in one go, there'd be no chance for breaks between the sections), but that didn't help.

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    Hi jogo

    Most probably You have encountered fake files, placed there by the recording industry. Those songs You downloaded were popular songs, right?

    To try this theory; download some old songs that is not very popular or from not so famous artists. The industry usually doesn't bother putting out fakes for those songs. If those song can be downloaded and played without problem, then You know that those other songs You had problems with were fake songs.



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