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Thread: deleted files reappearing. what the?!....

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    i'm sure this can be solved pretty easily...

    basically when i view my audio folder on kazaa and delete the stuff i don't want.... it deletes... but the next time i use klite the deleted files have reappeared.

    i can delete the files permanantly by deleting them from their stored location on my pc ('my shared folder') but this is too long winded for my liking. plus.. as the tracks appear under 'my shared folder' a lot of them appear under different file names than what they're named as when i view them through kazaa, so it's often hard to find the exact file i'm looking for to delete.

    any ideas people?.. this is driving me mad....
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    sometimes, you try to delete a file someone is downloading from you, so it won't let you delete it. Happens to me and my pr0n

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    sounds like the hello kitty/loveletter virus to me

    free on-line virus scan:

    free anti-virus software:

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    hmm well.. i know it's not the first one. i'm not convinced about the virus thing either

    anyone else?!...


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