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Thread: windows xp cd key

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    Hey all im pretty new here, im reformatting my computer and i lost the number for xp, so i was wondering if anyone on here could possibly either email me the or pm me the number. if anyone could do that that would be great.

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    there is a way to recover the key that you are currently using go on the internet and download magic jellybean keyfinder and run it and it will give you you're key so right it down and use it again

    p.s. hope this helps

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    Magic Jellybean Keyfinder

    If that doesn't work tell then PM me what windows you are using (xp home, pro, or corp) since this thread will probably be closed by then.

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    Enable your Private Messages ,you'll get swamped with them!

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    yes , just tell us the version , and pm on = GG


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