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Thread: Made my first links site......complaints please

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    I just made my first site for my sig, just wanted to present links to what i like
    or if overloaded try
    Since its not possible to add more than500letters in a sig, i had to go over to making a site

    This is the first time ive worked on metatags,, keywords - went thru the process of submitting to search engines - even did a few tests and man did it fail......

    anyway you have any simple tips, thoughts etc

    my next step in web development is to make a Reply form at the bottom.

    -Maybe its a bit to dark?
    -When you clik the links it pops up a window to a certain dimension - is that ok?
    -Are the Rollovers tooo much?


    (this is not spam)
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    Yep it's kool. I don't like how the page is so long though....maybe organise it better?

    btw in your sig you don't need to use a transparent image just use the [indent] tag.

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    Fixed indent - cant wait for maskawaih to say
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