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    Hi I have recently changed computers. I originally had green lights and good download speeds with my last computer. I have set up the port forwarding through the router as previous, the only thing different is I now have Norton internet security on. I have disabled it when I am trying to download through ABC but I am getting download speeds of about 1-2 and it is yellow. Any ideas?

    Thanks for any help

    ps the xp firewall is correctly configured.

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    Hint, disable XP firewall.

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    if you have NIS why the hell do you have ICF turned on o_0
    1 turn off icf (windows firewall)
    2 make sure you are still fordarding the correct IP
    3 ???
    4 profit

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    XP Firewall is turned off. I changed the ip address (getting the info through run, cmd, ipconfig...), so I know that's right. Forwarded 6881-6899. To alter Nortons firewall I get to advanced and general tab and then it tells me there is a script error (object doesn't support this property or method) and won't let me continue. But would changing the firewall rules be any different to just turning off the firewall?

    Can't think of anything else I am doing differently.


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