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Thread: Signature & Avatar Rules

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    The Signature & Avatar Rules
    • Signatures will be restricted in size and content. Signature images may not exceed a 500x150 (w x h) pixel area. With text under the signature you are allowed to have 1 line (font size 1 or 2). The total height with that 1 line and your images must not exceed 175px. See example image below.
    • Max. dimensions for avatars is 125x125 pixels.
    • The total file size for all images used in the signature and avatar must not exceed 175kb.
    • Links in signatures that link to sites which host warez, cracks, pornography, advertising similar sites, pyramid schemes, ebay listings, site links which contain referral IDs, and links requesting donations are NOT allowed. Invite giveaways and requests should also be kept to the Invites section.
    • Must be a member for 15+ days and have 2 posts.

    Signatures and Avatars that do not comply may be removed or edited by a moderator or administrator.
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