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    Hi there in need of a computer wiz kid,2 help with some problems im trying 2 fix,thet are software and hardware related so if any 1 is really clued up on xp running systems and maybe knowledge on hp computers please drop me a line asap on,as these problems are bugging me 2 death,might be simple but i cnat answer them,cheers the wizard..............

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    Simply post your problem here and well see what can be done

    more opinions at once is better (sometimes)

    what is it a boot problem
    virus cant log on etc etc

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    ill try to help but i think it would be better if you psoted the problems here so you will have the knowledge of more than one or two people trying to help you.

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    Hey Welcome tony62 vbmenu_register("postmenu_885136", true); , but you would probably get better help if you give us the problem here so that you could have multitudes of people helping you solve your problem quickly.


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