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Thread: Question about Tv Tunner Cards..

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    I am so confused.

    Heres the sitution:
    I wanna watch tv through my computer.

    Would I need to buy high end video card and a tv tunner card to watch it ?

    Or could i just buy a low end video card and buy a tv tunner card and watch tv?

    I don't feel like shelling out money for those "All in Wonders" =\

    Currently have AMD processor

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    just any video card and a tv tuner will work.

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    Just using a video card better then an MX
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    so ur saying it doesn't really matter what video card i have, the quality of the tv picture will not make a big different on what video card i have?

    so what would you recommend i get w/ this $130 bucks i have ;(

    currently using an extremely old generic ati card build in 1997 lo...

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    Well unless you want to get spendy most tuners are fine and not great. I have 9200 with a WinTV I bought for $50 and its good enough. To get a noticible differnce the better of tuners I saw were around $150 which was not worth the extra money to me anyway...


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