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Thread: Unreal Tournament 2003

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    i wuz happy when i was downloading ut03, that is until i kept getting this msg "failed reading source file" and then the installation shuts down.
    i have both cd 1 and cd 2 .bin files that i converted to ISO with winISO and extracted into the same folder, i also have the cds actually burned, so if u can help thanx!!!

    My System:
    Athlon 2100+ 1.8ghz
    640 pc2700 ddr
    Ati Radeon 9000 Pro 64mb
    Abit Mobo

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    U'r probably getting that message because some file on the CD is corrupt, or brcause of a bad CD....try to install the game directly from the HD, so U can see if U got a problem when burning, or when U downlaoded... Tho, in my experience, the UT2003 files are one of the most corrupted on Kazaa (had to downlaod the friggin' CD 1 seven times!!!! )

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    Peeps have trouble installing this game RETAIL verson anyway. I have not herd of a real working version for download. I would just forget it and go buy the game as its droped in price alot. Its a very cool game if your into that type of thing and worth the money.

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    there IS ar real version the problem lies with kazaa corrupting you downloads not with the my post here.
    If you want games kazaa is crap

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    i was wondering if they have a rip version for this game? The 3 cd takes too long and the risk is high, because my ISP have download limitations

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    Well Guess what?!?!? I got it to work and now i'm happy again yay'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so anyways the way i fixed it was when it gave me the error it said a file name for example it said CTF-December.uz2 file was corrupt, so i went to a site where u can download separeate files for the game and now it works!!!! yay

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    what site was it? i wanna know


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