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    In future all guides will be added to this thread.

    PM VirtualBody1234 or myself if you want to add a new guide to this thread; it must be completely impartial, informative and accurate.

    Guides to building your own PCS
    Guides from Tom's Hardware Guide, posted by Lamsey

    Here are a couple of articles from Tom's Hardware Guide that tell you all you need to know about building PCs:

    Part 1: know-how for do-it-yourselfers

    Part 2: assembly step-by-step


    You might also want to check out their article on building a PC for stability.

    RAM Guide
    Guide written and posted by Lamsey

    I originally posted my RAM guide on this forum, but found it difficult to maintain and I couldn't refer people who weren't board members to it, so I moved it to my website.

    It can now be found at

    Confused about which memory upgrade you need? Crucial 3 easy steps Memory Advisor
    Idea submitted by Livy. Thanks

    Principles of Overclocking
    Guide from; posted by Clocker

    Recently I have noticed a growing interest/debate reverclocking.
    Some of the people who would like to try may benefit from a little backround and explanation of what exactly you are getting yourself into.

    I found this article entertaining and informative and hope you do too.
    The Principles of Overclocking

    Edit: do not be deceived by the title. This is not a tutorial, nor a "insert finger A into slot B" step by step manual. It is more about the philosophy and reasoning behind the act of clocking than anything else. The specific facts regarding your specific rig are easily findable on the web. Frankly ( and I do not mean to be harsh or snobbish here, merely cautionary) if you can't find the info on your own, you are not ready to begin the process. Almost inevitably, at some point you will be in uncharted waters, and the ability to think/reason for yourself will be all that separates you from having a sweet running machine or a rather expensive doorstop.

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    wow thax a lot

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    Thanx Lamsey.
    May i add a site that in my opinion covers almost everything?
    Here it is:


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