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Thread: Hey wma help!

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    im doing musicals and i found some musical songs which i download of soul seek .wma when i play them they fail and it outmatically opens a window into Windows Media Personal License Migration Service and says some things. Can i play these files?? or do i just need to edit an option on or off!?

    thanks 4 ur help,


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    You just have to update your licences and you will be able to play them.

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    hey im really sorry im new at this completly crappy with pcs as you can tell! How do i update them is there a website or something i have to go to?

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    You should stay away from wma files,
    just because of the licenising problems if nothing else.

    Im sure most of the songs you lookin for has been made to mp3
    before it was made to wma. (but of course, the same moron made the wma from the mp3)

    Usually "updating the license" to play the file involves money changing owner too. That why they have licence in the first place.
    I dont think too many guys here at the knows,
    or cares too deeply of how to go on about that. Just a gut feeling, he he...

    Seriously, watch what you download, that helps a lot.
    If you take another look at the SouSeek or eMule etc, and
    look for amp3 at 192kb or higher, you get much more better
    chance getting a good file, or, maybe even the whole album.

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    Whoever made those WMAs obviously forgot to turn off DRM in WMP.


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