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Thread: Corrupted .bin Files In Kazaa

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    OK, I am frustrated with the garbage on Kazaa concerning .bin files. So, Unreal2, and splinter cell worked fine but not the rest. I find the longer the files has been out there the less chance your going to get a good download.

    MY Therory is that in time the files get corrupted and stupid people leave them on for download. Kazaa does not seem to sort through the bad and the good as the file size stays the same. So, the image file gets whacked and it won't work.

    I downloaded simcity 4 and had 400 errors on the image file (CDIMAGE) There were alot of sources for it so I assume it worked at one point but not now. It would not even burn to cd without stoping (NERO ...13 52x memorex drive)

    MY advice is to get Overnet or e-mule which has been suggested before and don't even attempt to download image files from Kazaa. Rips seem to always do fine without errors so I assume its something funny with image files but don't know why there is a difference......

    My hope is that Kazaa lite makes a error correction routine in its program to become the best out there, because downloading from e-mule or Overnet could take weeks for one file.

    Just some warning to those who don't want to waste time.

    P.s if your really patience then get Dirrect connect as the files are always good there and your almost always able to start the download though very slow. you will need at least 35 gig to share to get on most hubs which should not be a problem as I know most you have pleanty of sources to share.......


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    HELL-you will be too_$oon enough
    some one needs to pin this I am also tired of having to tell people that their downloads are corrupted

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    yes I'm getting tired of it too, so i started using emule last far it's working great..pretty good speed to

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    Image downloads off Kazaa are usually corrupt due to the sheer size of them. Most range from 500-700 megs. There are a few things you can do to try to prevent some corruption, such as not using line-modems is one, although cable isn't available in all areas or even affordable. My ADSL-using friend hasn't actually ever finished downloading an image file, so I can't tell the results of using an ADSL-line-modem. Not disconnecting/reconnecting helps, too. Unfortunately, because Kazaa has little-to-no error correction, your file may end up corrupt. This doesn't always mean the guy who's sharing it has a corrupt file, though. It became corrupt through the transfer.

    When I'm looking for images, I usually use eMule. Good error correction, and your speeds get decent after a little bit.

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    I have DSL and can get a top speed of 159 kb/s (not on Kazaa of course but possible.) I did download iron storm 3 times and all three times I have the same problem, not installing.........
    I don't think its the DSL that is causing this as I can download large .rar or .zip with no problems. I also downloaded splinter cell and Iron Storm from Kazaa with no problems. I don't know. If I could get over 12 kb/s on e-mule then I would use that instead.
    thanx for the input guys.....................

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    Bump for error correction version of kazaa lite&#33;

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    from what i have seen, the lovely new option "Jump Supernode" causes insane amounts of errors in image files....of course, this is not 100% tested, but I downloaded two copies of the same game, one time jumping supernodes one time not and the one I jumped with had 5000+ errors, the other one had 0. Of course, this is truly a hard theory to test, but I could be right...

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    Your correct. Jumping supernods does corrupt image files and could possibly corrupt other files as well. I have tested this and its confirmed by Kazaa-search which has a saftey button to not allow you to jump supernods while downloading.

    The problem and I am almost sure it does happen is that Kazaa jumps on its own at times. Using Kazaa-search and seeing what supernod I was on with ip if found that it jumped. This seems to occur when doing the unlimited search thingy but has been found to change supernods on its own during the all night marathon downloading...... This can cause serious errors in image files and possibly I believe the reason some AVI files I get stop at parts in the movie and have to be restarted where it stoped. AVI&#39;s no big deal. Program DATA and its over...........

    TWO game solutions to what seemed like corrupted files.
    Iron Storm:
    C&C Generals:

    I got both games off of direct connect and burned with Nero. The games could not find certain cab files even though on cd and not corrupted. Note you may have to use CDImage to fix images before burning. CD1 of Iron Storm had 2000 errors reported by cdimage. (fixed it)

    Next I copied the the whole cds to my hard drive and installed (both games) they now worked at this point. The problem my be a windows xp issue if you have a bogus copy as the installer won&#39;t read the install package off the cd&#39;s This was noted by the command and conquer help site.
    I also had the same issue with Iron Storm as the game does not like XP pro. the updates will not even reconize my OS and error out.
    to fix you unpack the update and edit the .ini for the operating system check.
    I have seen this problem posted a few times and this seems to fix it.
    same with freelancer. the sound won&#39;t work right with codecs installed. the readme on the cd will tell you how to fix it.

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    yes use emule for images kazaa for everything else

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    Yah i know the problem with corrupt images
    I downloaded Battlefield 1942, 5 times, and everytime i tried to install it another file was corrupted, I really hate that..
    So when I have to download an image I use IRC&#33;
    Great speed and you can find anything there, IRC spy -> my favourite
    I&#39;ve put 2 * in the url, just to make sure

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